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Bail Bond Appraisals

The Coyle Group - Philadelphia Appraisers  

At The Coyle Group, we understand that sometimes a family member or a loved one may be incarcerated and needs to post bail.  We also know how traumatizing it can be on that person and the family.  Time matters in these situations. 

When a loved one is incarcerated, even for a short time, all you want it to get that person home quickly.  That is why when we accept these types of assignments, we are willing to drop everything we are currently working on to make your situation our top priority. 

When we accept Bail Bond assignments we offer you three options depending on your urgency and need for immediate attention:

  • Standard Service: Inspect property within 48 hours, deliver report within 48 hours of inspection - $600
  • Expedited Service: Inspect property within 24 hours, deliver report within 24 hours of inspection - $800
  • Rush Service: Inspect and deliver report within 24 hours - $1,200

All of our Bail Bond Appraisals are completed by State Certified Real Estate Appraisers who are highly experienced and professional.  Our services are Discrete and Confidential to assure the highest level of your privacy.

Payment can be made in Cash or Money Order, made payable to The Coyle Group, LLC.

For more information and immediate assistance call 215.836.5500


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