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Listing Appraisals

Make sure your property is not just "on" the market but, "in" the market!

AGENTS - Now, more than ever it is so important to make sure that your listings are priced to compete.  Homes that are not priced to sell, will sit.  Call now to order a Listing Appraisal.

HOMEOWNERS - Make sure that your Asking Price will attract offers.  Pricing your home properly can save you time, money and effort. 

The Coyle Group - Listing Appraisal

If you’re a real estate agent who is listing a know how tough it is out there right now. 

It's more important that ever to price the property correctly.  Simply preparing a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) it's going to cut it in this challenging market.  Not only do you have to price the house to sell, you have to price it so it will appraise, too.  We all know that this step is vital if you're going to maximize your profit and minimize the home’s time on the market.

Even the most experienced real estate agent can agree, it's probably in everyone's best interest to have an "objective" third-party's opinion of value prior to signing a Listing Agreement (or as a marketing tool to aide you in getting the Listing).

A Listing Appraisal from The Coyle Group as part of your overall marketing strategy will give the ultimate credibility to your asking price. Think of a Listing Appraisal as an investment in your own success.

Agents: With a Listing Appraisal you will

  • show your Seller that you are committed to pricing their home properly
  • provide you and your Seller with an impartial opinion of how their home compares to other homes in the current real estate market
  • maximize the asking price without overpricing or under-pricing
  • provide you with a tool to "adjust the expectations" of a stubborn Seller
  • make you and your Seller aware of any potential problems, repairs or FHA issues that may delay or cause the sale to fall through
  • reduce hassle and unnecessary negotiations
  • allow you (the Agent) to "be the good-guy" while the Appraiser can be the one to present news that may be difficult for your client to hear

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Many Agents and Homeowners are finding new challenges with having their Listings can AVOID and OVERCOME these issues with a Pre-Listing Appraisal.  Use a Listing Appraisal to defend against...

  • Appraisers who are unfamiliar with your market (Geographic Competency)
  • Appraisers who are newly licensed and inexperienced
  • Appraisers who may not have access to the best sources of data for your market 


Read what Agents & Homeowners are saying about The Coyle Group's Listing Appraisal services...

"We had our house in Rittenhouse Square on the market for months with no sale and not many showings.  Our agent recommended that we call Mike (at The Coyle Group) to have him do a Listing Appraisal of our home.  Mike was professional and very honest with us.  After completing the appraisal he met with our agent and us to discuss his findings.  He told us that he felt our property was overpriced for the market.  Not what we wanted to hear but, we agreed to adjust the price, accordingly.  Within 1 week we had a full price offer!  Thanks Mike."                       

Rick L, Home Seller - Rittenhouse Square

"I would highly recommend The Coyle Group to every real estate agent and homeowner out there. It is crucial to educate our customers up front in this market about what the actual value of their home is in this ever changing real estate market. Michael is always very professional, reliable, and most importantly honest. His appraisals have been right on track and have helped me list properties at prices that will cause homes to sell, rather than sit on the market over priced for months on end. I encourage all my listings to get appraised before we list and I wouldn’t use anyone other than The Coyle Group. Thanks guys!"

Matt Donnelly, Keller Williams Main Line

"Getting an appraisal prior to listing our home was probably the smartest move we made. I think it helped us to price our house properly...selling it faster."

Chris Burke, Home Seller, Philadelphia

"Our house was on the market for over six months with just a handful of showings.  We had an appraisal done and decided to lower our asking price, as a result.  Within the first week after changing the price we had more than a dozen showings, after ten days we had an offer.

As it It turned out, the family that bought our house saw it when we first listed it (and loved it). They didn't put a bid in then because they thought the price was too high."

M. Levin, Home Seller, Blue Bell, PA

"I only wish my agent could have convinced me to do it sooner."

Bob Callahan, Condo Seller, Philadelphia

It was a pleasure referring The Coyle Group to help my clients. [They] were very accommodating and met our clients' needs. [They have] a very quick response time and were able to help sell the home because of their knowledge of the area. I continue to use The Coyle Group for all my appraisal needs. Thank You."

Mike Sroka, Keller Williams Main Line

"Thank you for your advice.  As you know, we adjusted our asking price (and expectations) and the house is now under contract."

J. Kleinman, Home Seller, Gladwyne

"I would recommend The Coyle Group to anyone who is considering putting their house up for sale.  The appraiser was very professional and knowledgable.  He took the time to answer our questions and explain his responsibilities to us as an appraiser."

Mr. & Mrs. M. Fox, Homeowners, Philadelphia

"The Coyle Group's Pre-Listing appraisals have directly impacted my ability to land new listings.  I use them as part of my overall marketing strategy on all of my listings, now.  I just hope other agents don't catch on!"

Suzy D. - R.E. Agent, Philadelphia



How You Use the Listing Appraisal is up to YOU

The Listing Appraisal is intended to be a tool.  How you and your client elect to use the tools is strictly up to the objectives and strategies that you define.  The Listing Appraisal may prompt you to adjust the price of your listing.  After reviewing the appraisal, you may determine that a price change is not in order.  Regardless of how you use the appraisal, you have a fair, unbiased, certified opinion of your property's value. 

Improvements to Add Value

In addition to “how much?”, there may be other important questions to ask before listing a home. Questions like ''Would it be better to paint the entire house before we sell it?”, ''Would adding a third bathroom help?'', ''Will the kitchen need a complete renovation or just a remodel?'' Many things that are done to houses have an effect on their value. Unfortunately, not all of them have an equal effect. While a kitchen remodel may improve the appeal of a home, it may not add nearly enough to the value to justify the expense.

The appraisers at The Coyle Group can provide the information necessary to help make these decisions. An appraiser has no vested interest in what amount the house sells for. Our appraisal fees are based on efforts to complete the report and not a percentage of the sales price. So a professional appraisal can often help homeowners make the best decisions on investing in their homes and setting a fair sales price. that sell faster usually sell for more!!!